Suan Lee and Rex Campbell Sea Salt BnBs, Mornington Peninsula

My mother showed me that you're never too old to start a new venture. That was how Sea Salt BnBs came to be. It’s an adventure. I'm learning heaps about everything to do with BnB; from owner building to starting a business and then hosting.  It’s a humbling proces of self-discovery.

My husband Rex and I make a dynamic team when we finally agree; oh that is when he eventually gets around to my ideas. We managed to build our house and two BnBs without dropping a bucket of paint on each other’s head although I came very close to duct taping him.

We like our neighbours and are very proud of the neighbourhood including the wild birds like cockatoos and galahs.

We've travelled around the world more than 3 times, watched a lot of plane movies and used a lot of sick bags. I’m totally curious about other cultures, love trying new foods and I enjoy cooking.

When stressed, I do the laundry, which is good because you do a lot of laundry running three BnBs.  When happy, I do the happy crab dance. 
To relax, I read, walk or cycle, or go to Opportunity/vintage shops.  But nothing beats a hot cup of tea from a teapot.

I think the biggest achievement in this venture is, we've managed to stay married through all the stresses of moving house at Christmas and conflicts over thousands of building and business decisions.  We work hard on our marriage to build not only a house but also a welcoming home.

After four months of building, we opened our first Sea Salt BnB, Romantic Retro in late January 2015. The first guests arrived on my birthday. Coastal Spa was the second Sea Salt BnB to open in July on our anniversary. Cockatoo cottage is our original home which, we renovated and welcomed our first guests in early 2017.  

Thank you for reading this and I hope you'll have as much fun being our guests as we do in hosting. 


Suan Lee